5 Morning Habits to Calm Your Day



“When you keep doing something for 21 days they become a habit.”
And yes, there are something I will do every morning, and doing so it makes everything different - not only my health is getting better, I feel a lot calmer throughout the day too.

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Be Creative in Styling - Ways to Wear a Dress

【創意穿搭法 - 一條裙子兩種風格配搭】
I love clothes that could wear in several different ways, it not only save the money buying different clothes, it it also fun to play with layering and save so much space in the closet!

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A Lesson to Self-Care


Although following a plant-based diet is not a life-changing magic, it inspired me to “how to live well?” in other aspects. Meanwhile, can we apply the same concept into our inner self?

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Vegan Fine Dining in Two Michelin Stars Restaurant London

【純素Fine Dining:倫敦米芝蓮二星餐廳】

Not only one of the restaurant with Two-stars Michelin (In Michelin Guide 2018) but also the World’s 50 Best Restaurant in 2017 (Rank 14th). And they have a Vegan tasting Menu!

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What Is a Vegetarian?!

素食101 - 素食有幾多類?

I hope this article would help everyone to have a better knowledge about their “Vegetarian” friends afterwards! (Especially when picking restaurants and what to eat!)

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A Little Escape in Hong Kong


Easy to say but hard to do - to bring the attitude while travelling to back to our life. How about a little holiday in our home town?

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My Vegan Journey


Sometimes a simple decision can change your life forever. The diet is more than just an eating habit. Time and time again, it has brought me to the most positive results, and eventually influencing the people around me.

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Herbivore GF & Omnivore BF


I guess, there should be over 90% of boys who do not prefer to be a Vegetarian.
Or I should put it in this way, 90% of them cannot stand for a meal without meat!


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