May 2016

Photograph exhibition 

Human are all surrounded by an aura - an oval-shaped, colour band of sound, light and vibration. It shapes our energy field and often it is how human beings interact without each other without words, like how animals do. Photographer CHARLOTTE IN WHITE captures the color and story of 6 different people, let audiences visualize the 6 Aura and this is where our instincts, feelings and spiritual minds meet. 


「相從心.色由內」每個人都散發出一股能量場,隨振動頻率顯出橢圓形的氣場彩光,反映內在思想的深邃國度和身心狀態,讓人無言相交。攝影師 CHARLOTTE IN WHITE 透過作品,展示無形的六個顏色,透過六個故事,讓觀眾感受六種能量與氣場,從而自覺。