About Charlotte

Photo: Edmond Ho

Charlotte In White  林偉欣

Photographer / specialize in Portrait & Creative Direction  |  攝影師
Lifestyle Blogger behind www.charlotteinwhite.com  |  博客
Author of the book 《LifeStyle In White  |  作者 《素系風格——素食與簡約生活練習
Founder of online fashion store - mukmuk: wardrobe.   |   網上時裝店 主理人





Charlotte's highly stylish personal blog on lifestyle, art and veganism musing on instagram (@charlotteinwhite) and www.charlotteinwhite.com, is an online treasure for many who imagines a life of style.

With her unique lenses in photography and art direction, the cinematic arts graduate has curated a personal style in everything she touches, from personal portraits, artistic videography and product shooting & design. Recently she has branched out to building quality contents that include Fashion Style, Travel and Vegetarianism, sharing her passion and insights through these subjects. Charlotte seeks to inspire people towards appreciation in minimalism, simplistic chic style and green-living. In June 2018, she has published her first book 《LifeStyle In White》, about vegetarianism and minimal lifestyle.

As a creative, her original and beautiful visual designs have attracted many arts organisations, artists and corporate brands to work together on various collaborations in Photography, Videography and Design projects. She has worked with different arts & cultural platforms like Music Lab Festival, HKFYG Dancing Angels, West Kowloon Cultural District, and LAAB (architects) etc.

She also runs her own online fashion line, mukmuk: wardrobe with her brother, Calvin Lam. Together they see fashion as a medium of art, share her picks from all over the world and launched "Pâle", an original design womenswear clothing line. In 2016 & 2017, she also curated a number of photography exhibitions and pop-up fashion stores, exhibiting her art works "White Photography Project", "Six Auras Studies" & "Travelogue", combining her artworks with her favourite fashion selections.

As an avid advocate in Vegetarianism, her stories and messages are widely published in different press and media platform. Her dream is to bring together life & work, truly sharing her lifestyle with her audiences as she writes, reads, designs, films, curates, and.... lives. She had also wrote online columns for Jessica Magazine Hong Kong and Style-tips.com, sharing her inspirations and lifestyle.


work contact: charzcharlotte@gmail.com

(+852) 6532 7720