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素系分享會 與 誠品暢銷榜!



Two Book Sharings in Eslite Bookstores

剛剛的週末,我在誠品香港 2018 Reading Summer「靈感解密室」的主題活動中,分別在銅鑼灣和太古店舉辦了書本分享會,講述我書中的靈感與分享我的素系生活。很感謝到場的每一位,兩節一小時的分享中,見到很多原本陌生的面孔,卻因為《素系風格》連結起來;你們用心的聽,讓我感到無比榮幸。(對,很抱歉我的嗓子太差了;幸好你們也不嫌我棄我沙啞的聲音。)

Last weekend, I hosted two book sharing sessions, one of the events in 2018 Reading Summer organised by Eslite Hong Kong - to share my inspirations of the book and life. I can never imagine how 《LifeStyle In White》 has brought all of you together, and I'm really grateful to see so many new faces, paying so much attention during the 1-hour book sharing. 

(I am sorry that my voice was terrible - and fortunately, none of you has any complaints about it!)

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I'm the Best Selling Author!

另外,其中一個很叫人興奮的消息,就是《素系風格》登上了誠品暢銷榜!記起剛剛出書的時侯,和哥哥走到書店,說要拍在書店上架的照片。我笑說:「放New Arrivals邊夠啊,等我放去暢銷榜影張相呃下人先!」

然後,新書出版未到兩個月的今天,這個小願望實現了。看到「BestSellers 誠品書店暢銷榜」的貼紙貼到書本右下角——實實在在的,《素系風格》得到了大家的肯定。

Another very exciting and unexpected news -《LifeStyle In White》 has reached the Eslite Bestsellers (Health & Well-being Rank 7)after published for 1.5 months! I still remember, two months ago, my brother and I went to the bookstore, wanted to take some pictures of my book. I joked that I should put it on the Best-Selling section instead of the New-Arrivals section to take a "unprecedented" picture.

Yesterday, the moment I saw the sticker of "Eslite Bookstore Bestsellers" being sticked to the bottom right corner of the book, I know that 《LifeStyle In White》 has been affirmed by many, many of you. I can proudly say that "I am the best selling author in Eslite Bookstore!".



Another GREAT NEWS...



In these months, I have received endless support and love from many of my new and old friends (Yes, if you are reading this now, you are definitely one of them). Also, I must give a big applause to Eslite Hong Kong for their help in the weekend; Enrich Publishing for supporting all along the way and my best brother the one and only Calvin Lam being my greatest MC all the time. And last but not least, thank you to my mum who always takes good care of me when I am sick.

I just know that the 《LifeStyle In White》 was shortlisted for the 5th Hong Kong Book Award (the "Oscar" in Hong Kong Publishing Industry). Okay... that really means so much to me and I already think I have won even I was just being shortlisted!
Public online voting will start very soon and your vote would mean so much to me!


Thank you for always sharing the best news with me,