Melbourne Coffee Guide - 6 Shops To Visit / Part B


【尋找墨爾本的⋯⋯ 6家特色咖啡店/ 下】

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Having written about some cafes in CBD in my last article, and this time we will visit some other special cafes located in different parts of Melbourne. Here, I want to document my cafè-hopping experience in the city, and to share with you guys what and why I love this city of caffeine.




- Specialty Coffee & Bagel -

Seven Seeds Coffee Roaster

359 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Seven seeds是一家咖啡烘焙廠、咖啡店和批發商。不僅是提供咖啡和餐點,你亦可以買到咖啡豆,和各種他們品牌的相關產品——香料茶糖漿、環保袋和帽子等等。店中非常寬敞,劃分了幾個區域;很多在角落也是很不錯的拍照點。適逢是午餐時間,很多人也叫了食物,分量大之外,看起來亦非常美味。這次我們只嘗了咖啡,味道卻不算很突出,咖啡還有點不夠熱⋯⋯ 可能是因為客人太多,他們實在是有點太忙了。


Seven seeds is a roaster, cafe and wholesaler based in Melbourne. Famous for their professional coffee beans, this place is more than just serving you coffee. Rather than that, it is a coffee brand with related products selling in the shop, from coffee beans, chai syrup, tote bag and caps. The place looks huge and amazing, and the food looks delicious (we have just ordered coffee since we are going to have lunch later). The quality of coffee is average and might be because they are quite busy all the time.

We still took some good photos in the shop anyway.




- Great Design inside an old Electricity Building -


Higher Ground

650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Higher Ground是我這次在墨爾本中,唯一需要等待入座的地方(而非常值得)。它的前身是一座古老的發電樓,室內設計極有特色,非常高的天花和極美的傢具配搭,難怪是市內一家以設計著名的餐廳。不僅提供優質的手工咖啡,還提供不同食物(從早餐到晚餐)和一系列的葡萄酒等等。絕對值得一遊!

This is the only place in Melbourne which needs a short wait for a table - but it definitely worths it. Terrific interior, a very high ceiling and great design.  (guess that's how they are named, it was an old electricity building.) Not only serving good coffee, they also serve food (from Breakfast to Dinner) and wine. Definitely worth a visit!




- A Smell of Morning Coffee & Bread -


Q le Baker

Prahran Market, Shop 709, Melbourne.



I do not know about you, but many of my friends and family love eating bread. Bread means so much more than bread to many people. When I get into Prahran Market, the smell of baked goods draw me into this place. A range of different bread, from Sourdough, baguette to savoury and sweet pastries, are beautifully placed in front of their shop. The lovely, welcoming staff will explain everything to you about their bread. When I tell them I am a vegan, they clearly introduced all the vegan options, and their hot chocolate (Vegan too!) with almond milk is so yummy. 

If you are a bread lover, don't miss their croissants (Vegetarian) and sourdough (Vegan)! 



Exploring different coffee shops in a city is a way of seeing a city. And I did enjoy visiting these lovely shops and meeting people there. Comment below and tell me which one you would visit - maybe next time I could buy you a coffee there when I happened to be in Melbourne again!