5 Morning Habits to Calm Your Day


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“When you keep doing something for 21 days they become a habit.”
And yes, there are something I will do every morning, and doing so it makes everything different - not only my health is getting better, I feel a lot calmer throughout the day too.

  1. 每天起床,花5分鐘時間坐在床上或坐墊上,閉上眼晴,靜靜地聆聽自己的呼吸。

2. 整理及收拾床舖——整齊的睡房不單立即讓你感覺舒服自在,晚上回家時也能讓身體心情好好休息。

3. 早上淋浴,可以嘗試使用半冷或全冷水——它會讓你的鼻子都非常暢通,有一種早上在大海暢泳的感覺。(踫到冷水記得要保持呼吸,別閉氣,呼吸會讓你容易適應水的溫度;也可以先撥一些水在肚子讓身體適應)

4. 挑戰自己,起床別趕緊去沖咖啡,反而在睡覺前倒一杯水;起床後,加一點檸檬汁,把它整杯喝完。

5. 預早15分鐘出門,時間鬆動一些,也許會發覺心情也放鬆一點。

  1. Don’t look at your phone immediately at the moment you woke up. Try to sit on the bed, or on a cushion, cross your legs, softly close your eyes, pay attention to your breathing for 5 minutes.

2. Make your bed - a tidy and clean space not only brighten up your mood immediately, and when you back from work at night, it provides you a warm welcome with a space for you to rest.

3. Take a cold shower in the morning. Cold shower will help your breathing to be smooth, and nothing is better than a feeling of diving in the sea in the morning. (little reminder: Keep breathing will let you to adapt to the temperature of water, and you may want to start with pulling some water to your belly first.)

4. Challenge yourself: Rather than going to make yourself a coffee, start your morning with a cup of still water with some lemon juice. It helps to detoxify your body.

5. Try to leave our home 15 minutes earlier than usual to get to work or school. With abundance of time, you may feel the whole day is much more relaxing.



Do you have your own morning rituals too?