Winter Wonderland in Paris


我總喜歡幻想著我在巴黎會穿什麼。除了一些當Parisian風格的規則(自信的、穿合身的衣服)外- how to dress like a Parisian ,我覺得最重要的,是隨性。今天起床時想著自己想穿什麼,顏色、風格,便從衣櫃中找出合心意的衣服。有時,裝扮作一個Paris女生也很有趣,就像我這邊穿的,比較女性化、優雅的打扮。

I always have a fantasy for Paris, the city of romance. And how much I am into Parisian street style. Be confident in my own skin, dress confidently and in a way that every item fits my body. My last article shared how to dress like a Parisian - so here I want to share, what I really wear when I am in Paris.




The Dress

雖則平時我比較喜愛純色的打扮,但有一種圖案印花我是可以永遠穿的... 是波點!無論是大或小,黑、白配的波點圖案也是我的最愛。這條繫腰的連衣裙是我旅遊時最愛穿的單品。單獨穿時,配上平頭芭蕾舞、高跟鞋可以有優確的女生感覺;或者配搭牛仔褲和白色運動鞋時就可以輕鬆、隨性一點。有時,我甚至把它當作為一個外套穿,層次感更豐富一點。是最容易配搭的單品呢。

The only print that I would wear forever - Classic Polka-dot. No matter it is big or little print, my favourite always go to the match of black & white. This wrap dress is one of the best travelling companion - that you can dress up with wearing it alone and pair with a flats or high heels; or dress down with a pair of denim jeans and white sneakers. Sometimes I even wear it as a light jackets as layering too. The easiest item to mix & match!


The Shoes


也許是受我父親的影響, 我是很喜歡穿Chelsea靴 - 尤其是黑色的。這雙靴子經典可以追溯到維多利亞時代,到現在一直也是男女常穿的款式。無論跟什麼風格的打扮 - 穿裙子、褲子也很好配。這一雙是這次旅遊時,在一家法國品牌的店買的;幾天後,男朋友也在同一家店買了一雙棕色的。很推介!

Influenced by my father, I am obsessed with Chelsea boots - especially in black. The boots dates back to the Victorian era, which are wear by mens mostly. However, it has been a trend for years. It gets well with dress, skirt, pants and almost everything. I got my pair in one of my favourite shop in Paris - and then few days later I brought my boyfriend to the same place and got a pair in brown, too. They are highly stylish and just fit perfectly with any outfits.


Shoes: Anthology Paris


The Hat

是的,畫家貝雷帽是今個秋冬非常流行的單品。這幾年,我總是喜歡戴著海軍藍色或黑色的畫家帽。上個星期天,當我完成工作,在Le Marais附近閒走時,我走進了一個獨立的設計師品牌的聖誕市集,找到一個造頭飾的設計師,買了這個獨特顏色的帽子。不用多說,這個名為Yves Klein的藍色成為了我造型的焦點,也讓我在三度的寒冷天氣下好好保暖。

Yes, Beret hat is in trend! In these years I always wear them in navy or black (I got mine from American Appearel). When I was wandering around Le Marais on a Sunday, I found a Christmas market which gather independent designer brands - the designer she did a lot of unique headpiece. This special colour named Yves Klein named after the French artist (Read more here) - bring a French touch to my whole outfit. The best buy in my whole trip!


Hat: Karin Cogen Millinery


The shooting day is one of the rare sunny day in Paris when I was there... After the shooting, we sat down for a drink, and talked about the life after we graduated. Yes, these beautiful pictures are from (@PJ_lam), a talented Fashion Photographer based in Paris now. Follow her IG for amazing inspirations and works!

拍攝的這天是我在Paris十一天裡面難得好天氣。拍擇過後跟大學同學坐下,飲了杯紅酒,談談大家畢業後的生活。畢業後的我們沒聯絡,卻為對方的一點點成就而感到高興,住到Paris的PJ是非常有才華的Fashion Photgragraper (@PJ_lam),大家也要留意!