Shooting Day Outfit & Some Photography Works

身為一個Freelance的創作人,我從來沒有一個固定的工作室。大部份的時間我也是在不同的地方/攝影棚拍照;或在家裡/咖啡廳工作。那拍攝的時候,我會穿什麼呢?因為要爬高爬低、所以一定要保持靈活性;但同時, 看起來有專業感覺、有時尚感也很重要。

Working in the creative industry, I've never had an office. Most of the time I am either shooting in locations/studio; meeting with clients, or working at home/coffee shops. What I wear during a shoot? My outfit should be flexible in moving, but at the same time looking professional, and stylish. Here is one of my favourite look. 

Outfits: (Top)  Marks & Spencer  (Pants)  mukmuk: wardrobe  (Shoes)  Reebok  (Accessories)  Emphasis

(Top) Marks & Spencer
(Pants) mukmuk: wardrobe
(Shoes) Reebok
(Accessories) Emphasis


Navy Sweater
Navy Striped Culottes
White Sneakers


無論是工作還是出街,裙褲已經成為我很喜歡的單品(這條特別的條紋也是我其中一條很喜歡的!)。我配搭了一件羊毛圓領毛衣。 說到毛衣,裝修剪裁是很重要的。 而一件完美合身的毛衣,就像一件好基本的T卹,在任何場合也可以穿起它(既經典又舒適)。 也讓我想起了穿校服的日子呢... 

對於頭髮造型,我傾向於保持簡單。最簡單的,是把濕凝膠塗在頭髮上,用梳子向後刷。 它可以幫助我的頭髮造型,整天也不會塌下來呢!

The stripe on this boxy, wool culottes stands out from normal looks. Here I wear a wool round-neck sweater. When it comes to sweaters, fitting is very important. And a perfectly fitted sweater, is like a good basic t-shirt, that you can throw it on in any occasions. It reminds me of the school uniform days - classic and comfy. 

For the hair-styling, I tend to keep it simple by putting wet-gel all over my hair and brush it with a comb. It helps my hair to stay in shape all day.



如果我在穿 棕色系 的鞋子...

如果我在穿 黑/白/藍色系 的鞋子...

最喜歡的一定是銀色系的首飾。 就像我在這裡穿的,一只銀手鐲、 同時戴上兩三個戒指,以不同的風格混搭,會比單獨戴起的感覺完全不同。這是我幾乎每天都可以戴的組合呢。

I never over-do accessories. And I follow one rule in my styling.

If I am wearing brown shoes...
I usually put on vintage watches or vintage bracelet, rings in copper tone.

If I am wearing black/white/navy shoes...
Without doubt, I will pair with silver-tone accessories. Like what I'm wearing here, a silver-diamond bangle, and rings from Emphasis. Wearing two to three rings at the same time, mix and match with different style, would have a completely different feeling than wearing them alone. I could wear this combination almost every day! It is timeless and finely made.


最後,我想和大家分享,在2016年我參與的一個舞蹈作品: "ON VIEW: HONG KONG" 。能與這些有才華的藝術家合作,是一個很難得的經驗;當中有很多相片我也非常喜歡。(同時也在 "ON VIEW: HONG KONG" 一書中發表)

Here I want to share with you, one of the photography work I did last year, "ON VIEW: HONG KONG" - A video project by an Australian choreographer and video artist Sue Healey. It was an amazing experience to have the change to collaborate with these amazing artists. These photos are published in the book - "ON VIEW: HONG KONG".


More of On View: Hong Kong - Here.


Do you have a "go-to" working outfit? How do you stay stylish every day? Or do you want to see more of my working day outfits? Comments below and let me know your thoughts!