Jamaica Vibe Vegan Food in Paris

The place for all Vegan to be!

【全素食者一定喜歡的地方 - 巴黎的牙買加風素食】

Jah Jah by Le Tricycle
Address: 51 Rue De Paradis 75010 Paris

天然的食材、悠閒的氣氛、最酷和Hip的店員.. 是我第一步踏進Jah Jah by Le Tricycle的感覺。那天早上,我剛好在巴第十區附近工作;午餐時正想找家素食餐人 廳,便從手機應用程式  "Happy Cow"上找到這家餐廳。(詳細程式的資料在這邊 - A Day in Paris


Clean food, amazing laid-back atmosphere, coolest people there... Using my travel essential "Happy Cow" App on my phone to locate this restaurant when I was working in the 10th arrondissement. (More details about "Happy Cow" - A Day in Paris) When I arrived, this interior design instantly caught my eye.

The Jamaica Vibe !


他們的食物是以起源於牙買加Ital飲食法為主。他們採用植物為食材的基礎,食材全部來自大自然的土壤(有機種植),嚴禁具有加工成分的食材,亦不會對食物加工。 聽起來以為食物會很單調?那你就大錯特錯了... 看看他們在Instagram上的食物照吧!


At Jah Jah, the Ital diet (originated from Jamaica) is adapted - plant-based, food that comes from the soils of Mother Nature, organic, and strictly no processed foods or ingredients in the food. Knowing this makes me (and all Vegans) so happy!

They are famous for their hot dogs, tacos, bowls and smoothie.. (See how colourful they are!)

Pictures from @letricycle Instagram.

好吧,這就是我今天的午餐。 十一月中的巴黎只有攝氏六度,只要是熱的東西我也想吃(全程也不知道有多少杯熱咖啡救了我一命...) 這個黃黃的南瓜湯,不過是南瓜的甜味,再灑上黑白芝麻一種甜美而堅果的味道,再用芫荽作調味!最簡單的美味,是一種純粹的快樂。

另一樣點的,是“烤香蕉條”! 看起來是薯條(烤香蕉造的版本),甜甜的糖漿和莎莎醬作調味。是非常飽肚和美味的組合呢。配上我最愛的牛油果醬 - 簡直就是人間天堂般的美味。

Okay, so here it comes my lunch of the day. That day was freezing, only 6 degrees Celsius. All I want is something hot - Hot coffee, Hot tea or Hot Soup! This pumpkin soup is a simple pleasure - with nothing more than the sweetness of pumpkin, black and white sesame to add a sweet and nutty flavour, and finish with a handful of coriander to brighten flavours! (Yes, I LOVE Coriander.)

And another thing I love... the "Na-na Fries"! It is a bake-dried version of Banana, with glazed sweet syrup with Salsa on top. It is very fulfilling and super yummy! Comes with the Guacamole dips - this is what, heaven on earth means!



As a vegan, I am still a foodie (that I like to explore food local food when I am travelling!) My simple pleasure? It might take a little longer time to find the vegan cuisine in a new city, but once you found them, believe me, you will be surprised by the real good food!