3 Tips to Design Your Dream Bedroom


誠實說,自己並不是一名整潔的女生... 由細到大,我也是被媽媽叫我執房執大的。長大後,(也因為工作慢慢培養到),開始注意到舒服的家是可以讓自己完全放鬆的(由其在外出拍攝一整天後)。所以今次想跟大家分享,一年前我搬進新家以後,幾個設計Dream Bedroom的小貼士 - 配搭顏色、小物;及創立自己的風格等等。看看我的靈感來源吧!

I still remember the trip to Setouchi Art Festival in Japan last year. Among all artworks and museums, Teshima Art Museum inspired me the most. The calmness and quietness naturally filled the architecture. I took a sit on the floor, closed my eyes to meditate... the minimal space generates a strong energy - a state of serenity. And of course, that trip inspired how I design my dream bedroom!

"A shade of blue, also I need it to be very comfortable, filled with sunlight and airy."

The crucial elements for my bedroom. Here I want to share 3 tips that I followed in designing my dream bedroom with you, which is perfect if you want to make your room a better space!



1. Create a Tone, a Style

When choosing a colour scheme for my bedroom, simplicity is always key. Your bedroom vibes should reflect a timeless tone that will stand the test of time and create a welcoming aura at the end of your day, every day. To find out your signature tones, take cues from your everyday outfit inspirations –which colour schemes do you usually opt for to make your style game strong?

Similar to putting an outfit together, ensure that you stick to no more than four basic colours, and that your tone blends well with the remaining pieces in your room.



2. Always, Less is More

Use what feels right, and throw away the rest!

I always make sure everything I put in my room is with the finest qualities, and each of them is beautiful on its own. Meanwhile, they are practical and long-lasting, which I can use it for years and will not go out of style. Before purchasing any items, make sure you have to touch it, feel it - to see if you really like it. The thing you picked should bring you a sense of serenity, calmness and peace.

Minimalism, create the perfect space for imagination, therefore it helps my creativity.

Besides, keeping everything clean and tidy, say NO to a cluster of things... I know it is easy for girls to accumulate clothes or bags on the chair (in my case, on the top of my cushions) But please avoid being messy! Your room should be a restful place to give you peace of mind after a long working day. So, regular housework and cleaning are essential!



3. Add a Personal Touch

Convey a personalised touch to your private domain with memorable items that reflect your individuality. Paintings, postcards and polaroid photos are some key items that provide me with a sense of solitude especially in my personal environment. Each with its own memorable story, these additions breathe life and blends a touch of personality into the furniture pieces.

Take it up a notch and brighten up your bedroom with greenery. Not only does it improve air circulation, it creates a relaxing and restful ambience to help you unwind. A personal favourite of mine, this ceramic vase brings a contemporary feel to any bedroom and creates a breath of fresh air with simple inclusions of fresh flowers or any basic, leafy plant – great remedies that help in reducing your stress levels after a long day.


Vases, Cushions from  Indigo Living  

Vases, Cushions from Indigo Living 


We spend the most of our time in the bedroom. Transform your bedroom into the perfect sanctuary space. Start with baby steps by organising your items and clearing the clutter off the floor. Not only does it make your space more comforting, it helps in reforming your housekeeping habits in the long run.

How do you keep your home tidy all year round? Share your thoughts on these bedroom styling tips in the comments below!