My Skincare Routine

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最近,發現不少朋友也對我的日常肌膚保養程序感到興趣。我的膚質屬有點難攪的敏感、混合又乾性,而且我也怕覆雜的程序,所以我會選擇簡化。一些成分較天然的保養品就很合我心意了。文章中分享了幾個我覺得Must-Do的Skincare Steps,和最近試用過也很喜歡的產品。


假如身體沒有吸收到好的營養,那麼做多少保養也幫不上忙。(就好像每天上健身房但卻亂吃垃圾食物一樣)如果想知道我一直在吃些什麼去保養,可以留意我六月即將推出的新書素系風格 — 素食與簡約生活練習》


Someone asked for a skincare routine tutorial on Youtube after my "Eating Food with Foodies on Friday" video is out on Youtube.

Taylor is a super cute and kind girl who make a lot of lifestyle videos for her viewers. In this Vegan Episode, we went to some of our favourite Vegan/Vegetarian places in Hong Kong! So here is the video:


After the video is published, I got few requests on how I do my everyday skincare. I did share once in Instagram Stories (@charlotteinwhite) but never have written about it. So I think it is time for me to reveal my "secrets"!

First of all, Eating matters.

Having a fruit smoothie in a market in Sydney.

Having a fruit smoothie in a market in Sydney.

Believe it or not, if you do not maintain a good diet, no matter how much time and money you spent on skincare, it just doesn't work! (As it is if you go to gym every day but you do not have a good diet, you will not be getting the result either.)

For more of the details of how eating could change your skin, I have shared in my book - LifeStyleInWhite《素系風格 — 素食與簡約生活練習》. For the below, I will share few of my everyday skincare steps with some of my recent pick of items.



1. Clean Your Face

My skin type is a combination to dry & sensitive skin - 90% of the face is quite dry, but the nose usually gets oily and have blackheads problem. The blackheads problem has affected me since high school, and I have tried all the possible way to get rid of it, no matter it is scrubbing, squeezing or even removal pads... None of them really works and could sustain. But now I have found a balance, and here are some key products I would use to get the clean and clear skin.


Bioderma Solution Micellaire H20 Sensibio (Cleansing Water)

If I have applied sunscreen, concealer or brush colour that day, I will clean my face once I get back home with cleansing water on pads. Alcoholic remover really irritates my skin, so I tried to avoid all of them. Cleansing water is a light and gentle solution for getting your face clean, and I have been using Bioderma for 4 years. (I have also purchased Laroche-Posay cleansing water for sensitive skin, but not yet tried.)


Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser

As I have mentioned, over 85% of my skin is quite dry, so a cream cleanser really works for me. It is a calcium and magnesium-rich mud with essential oil, and it cleans and detoxes the face at the same time it keeps the hydration. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin. I prefer using it in Autumn and Winter.


John Masters Organics Rose Foaming Face Wash

For humid spring and hot summer days, I love to use a cleanser which feels lighter. This face wash formula is very mild, perfect for soothing the skin. What I love the most about is the fresh aroma of rose oil, every time I applied it on I instantly feel refreshed. 




2. Moisturize

Cannot stress enough how moisturizing your face matter, but it is just so important! And from time to time, my favourite differs - and here are some products I love recently.


John Masters Organics rose & aloe hydrating toning mist

A good toner to spray on face is so important. To nourishes, hydrates, and protects the skin. This organic and gluten free mist have 6 natural ingredients - and I love rose flower oil to soothes my sensitive skin. Besides applying it on face after cleansing, I also love to spray it through out the day, it is just great for lifting my spirits by the refreshing touch and scent!


Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Serum

I just cannot express how much I love about it recently. Developed from the moisture-packed organic Leaf of Life extract, it's a natural hydrating serum which brings a radiant to the skin instantly. The lightness texture is perfect for hot summer days. I use it day and night


Caudalie VINE[ACTIV] Overnight Detox Oil

This is simply a treasure. I found it when I was shopping in a pharmacy in Paris, and I instantly fall in love with it. Made with 100% natural ingredient of vine oil, this detox oil helps to 1)Detox your skin (a natural GLOWING skin in the morning!); 2)Moisturize. Also, I read a lot of online reviews of this oil, and over 85% of them are positive from all over the world!


Lamer The Moisturizing Soft Lotion

In drier autumn and winter days, I need something which could keep more moisture. What I love about Lamer, is that their creme is super soft and moisturizing. Also they don't have a strong smell which I like a lot. 




3. Put on MASK & Exfoliate

Some of the skin care routine I will keep it as weekly basis. And they are such an important element in the skincare routine.


Skin Inc Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask

What I love about this mask - it gently peels the dead skin cell - bringing the surface oil, dirt and pollutants away. And the process is so fun! First of all, I apply a think layer of gel on my cleaned face; after 2-3 minutes, it changes to thousands of bubbles (and you can actually feel it is really working!); after 3-5 minutes, when I massage the bubbles away, there is some dead skin crumbles instantly. But be noticed that do not over do it, just once a week will be good.



As it's name, it is an anti-pollution mask which not only exfoliating the dull skin cell away, but at the same time it stimulates revitalisation and moisturize the skin, best for drier months. There are so much pollutions in the city - a good cleansing mask is always my "to-go" item, I even bring it to travel!


Kielh's Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque

This lightweight gel mask, combined by calendula flower petals and aloe vera, instantly hydrated the face when applying it on the morning. I love putting it into the fridge, and apply it before putting make up on.  Just 5 minutes, the skin will have a healthy appearance after the cooling and soothing process. I have been using it for 2-3 times a week for a year already!




"Effortless" is not only a term applied to fashion styling, but also to skincare. To look effortless doesn't mean I didn't do anything, but I tried to keep my skincare routine as simple and natural, together with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


How about you? Tell me which step you think is the most important in the comment below!