My definition of Beauty + Day to Night Looks


Beauty - I think it is a combination of qualities. Feeling confident, work-life balance, enjoying happiness and surrounded by love. 

I feel pretty when I woke up at 6 am and go to a 30 minutes run before starting the day; I feel pretty when I have time to make myself a healthy detox smoothie, and I feel pretty when I'm cuddling with my boyfriend... Beauty is not just about how I look, it is from the inside.

Someday when I want to boost my mood of the day, I like to spend more time to dress up and get my make up done - it energizes me for the whole day by looking good! I think this is the reason why my brother and I co-founded mukmuk: wardrobe (Independent Clothing Store) 3 years ago. And, to "celebrate" this milestone, we collaborated with BareMinerals, an international renowned beauty brand, to create this special campaign "Be Bare, Be Stylish".


我認為是不同特質的配合:有自信、工作和生活的平衡、享受快樂、有愛與被愛的勇氣。無論是30分鐘的晨跑、有時間自己做一杯新鮮的果汁、和男朋友一起看在沙發上看電視劇... 也讓我感到自己很美。
當然,有時我也想作作打扮,讓自己看上去(和感覺上)也充滿活力。穿衣、化妝... 總是一件愉悅的事。這也是我三年前和哥哥成立 mukmuk: wardrobe的原因吧!
為了慶祝開店三年,我們跟理念很相似的礦物品牌 BareMinerals HK 推出了一個專屬女生的禮品盒。我也分別設計了三個不同造型,從日至夜,展現最自己的風格。


What is "Be Bare, Be Stylish"?
To create our own style, unveil our own beauty instead of following the trend. 

"Summer Beauty x Fashion" Gift Box Set
by mukmuk: wardrobe & BareMinerals

What is included?
1.     READY 14.0 Eyeshadow Palette (#The Bare Sensuals)  ***EXCLUSIVE
2.     Gen Nude lipstick (Color: Tutu) 
3.     3 Different Outfits [A] / [B] / [C]

Here I styled the 3 outfits we've chosen for the Box Set, with the eyeshadow palette and lipstick. Being inspired by rose, these eyeshadow colours are easy to go with day or night occasions!

For the Day

If there is only one thing I can to my face before heading out, it will always be my pink lips! It instantly brightens up the face - as I have a very pale skin tone, I always looking a bit tired even I get enough sleep. This lipstick is in a neutral shade of pink, which gives me a beautiful glow without too much colour (and go with any kind of outfit too!). The soft texture also keep my lips moisturized during the day.
And a little tip: I love to apply the lips stick on my cheek and blend it with finger tips, super easy and natural than using powder brush!

For the outfit, When it comes to summer, I always feel like wearing some pastel colours, and this canvas-inspired top & skirt set is my love in the first sight! Perfect for wearing together, the light texture keeps me from the heat during sunny summer day. Another outfit I am wearing is more like for the casual family or friends gathering, there are many possible ways to wear it. You can tie the knot in the front/side or even at the back. It is super comfy and every time I wear it I would think - "Well, I will keep this dress in my closet as long as I can!"

Here I used Gen Nude lipstick in colour Tutu (what a cute name!) and wearing Canvas Sleeveless Set / Linen Relaxed-fit Overall Dress

For the Night

Besides stripes, I think floral pattern is always one of my favourites. To create a romantic makeup look, I used this neutral-tone eye shadow palette to give my eyes more definitions. Using a light beige for the base on my upper eyelids, and a middle shade of brown at the outer-v of my eyelids; and finishing with a bright off-white on the tear duct to highlight. Only using three colours, it already gave my eyes a nice definition.

Here I used READY 14.0 eyeshadows (The Bare Neutals) and wearing Floral Chiffon Double Layers V-neck Long Dress


If you're interested in this Gift box set, please visit ( for more information. Limited quantity, don't miss the chance!