Guiltless Outfit Ideas

Girls we always want to look at our best.

That's why we are always doing shopping. And thank you for the convenience brought by the internet, online shopping makes everything easier. But, sometimes we just own more than we need; and most of the time we like to save money from buying new stuff. How about selling our pre-loved items online, and at the same time shop for some goodies at a discounted price?

Here I styled my three looks for different occasions: Working, Evening Dinner & Weekend Date.


有沒有想過,即使愛Shopping,同時也可以支持環保?假若把自己以往心愛的東西,可以賣出去;同時又可以折扣價錢買到一些新衣服的話...(省錢!) 又怎樣?假若整個過程可以網上完成的話,既方便又簡單,吸引嗎?把Shopping帶來的罪惡感也減低很多!
這次三個不同的穿搭,包括時尚上班、晚宴Party及假日玩樂 - 全部items也是在Guiltess這個網上二手交易平台找到的 - 不但多不同的設計師款色,物品也保養得很好。假如你也對這個環保的Idea有興趣,不妨到Guiltless x Charlotteinwhite看看,code: CHARLOTTE5 還可以得到全單額外5%折扣*!

Stylish Working Girl

The skirt is the statement piece of the look. The pleated pattern of it is a love at the first sight. It is perfect for wearing daytime into nighttime as well. Just take off the white jacket and you're ready to go for a drink! And to make it more comfortable in work, I wear a pair of pointed toe flat - painless but still, it polished the outfit.


Elegant Classy Girl

Although I love casual outfit, when it comes to attending a wedding banquet or company dinner, I like to dress in a slightly more glamorous way. Loving its silhouette, this high-waist line dress also elongates legs, the cut out near waist line also instantly make the whole outfit look chic. Here I wear my lace choker from mukmuk: wardrobe & a pair of classic pointed toe pumps for extra height.
And this cute camera clutch! It is always fun to play with every single detail - I never "over-accessorize", but I pay attention of every single accessory I wear.


Sporty Chic Girl

This look is totally for the weekend. Again, it is my favourite tone on tone combination. A classic yet chic pattern on the knit dress - it also helps to define the colour palette for this look. Navy, blue and white - here I paired with these plain sneakers, a 3-D print knot bangle from my friend's brand Zoee, and putting everything into the silver bucket bag.

If you like to shop for some good designer pieces like what I am wearing now, look at Guiltless x Charlotteinwhite now - and use code: CHARLOTTE5 and get 5% off the order* when you check out!
Fashion can be sustainable, and everyone can be stylish and "guiltless" in shopping at the same time too.

[Collaborated with Guiltless]
(except Hermes bag & until 30 Nov 2017)