5 Rules to Dress Like A Parisian Woman

Impeccably dressed women walking on the street in Paris.

Impeccably dressed women walking on the street in Paris.


“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - coco chanel

When it comes to style, French women always catch my attention. It is a world away from the 'cutey chic' Korean fitting, and just a notch more natural, more subtle than the typically pompous “American Appeal” style. So what makes the French Style so unique and ever-classy?

Here's few rules I observed...


每個女孩都該做到兩點:有品味並光芒四射。” - Coco Chanel


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Blazer, Tee & Pants -    Kitsune    | Heels -    About Arianne    

Blazer, Tee & Pants - Kitsune | Heels - About Arianne 


1: Less is Always More

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy anything. Rather, it is about finding the perfect items and stick with them. The cutting has to fit your body and the style should be timeless. One rule of thumb is that my daughter, or even my grand-children could still wear what's in my wardrobe, when the time comes, it will still be in-trend. It also means good investment!


2. Effortless = Comfort

The word “Effortless” comes to mind when I picture the Parisian woman. Effortless doesn’t only mean they look effortless, but also that they won’t wear anything that makes them uncomfortable. For example, a pair of chic flats is always the ideal daily wear. The good ones! Not the cheap ones you find on the streets. A good pair lasts forever - sophisticated, easy-to-wear, comfortable and always in style.

Top & Jeans -    Kitsune    | Heels -    About Arianne    | Bag -    The Cambridge Satchel Company

Top & Jeans - Kitsune | Heels - About Arianne | Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company


3. Finding the Perfect Fit

Again, I can never stress enough: Never wear anything that doesn’t fit your body! If you’re a size M, don’t go for size S or size L because they just doesn’t fit your figure, even when someone tells you otherwise! Often it is not the style that is not working, but than the size and proportion are wrong. (See our following point.) However, I do admit that sometimes slouchy clothes like an oversized boyfriend’s shirt works really well. Well, that is if you don't mind the smell..!


4. Work your Proportion

Many Hong Kong girls underestimated the importance of finding the proportion of fitting on your body. There is a simple rule in balancing your overall shape. For example, if you are wearing a pair of culottes, which the boxy fit carries weight, you should wear something lighter in the upper part; if you are wearing a voluminous coat, a fitted bottom will balance out the top. So, no matter what your body shape is, you can almost wear anything as long as you have this rule in mind!

Jacket & Dress -    Kitsune    | Sneakers -    Reebok

Jacket & Dress - Kitsune | Sneakers - Reebok


5. Wear Invisible Accessories

It’s hard not to notice the beautiful and faultlessly dressed woman on the streets of Paris. The thought of their figures and faces often accompany with something more elusive and ethereal - their fragrances. Scent is such a romantic memory.


Take the time to find the looks that work best for you, and try to find ones that can last a lifetime. Embrace your imperfections –  even if they are scars, freckles or wrinkles. It is okay to be imperfect. Maybe that is why Parisian women are so irresistible. They are so imperfect, yet comfortably so.

Let your natural self be beautiful, let go of your insecurities, let your confidence shine - That’s how they do it!


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Phographer : Ng Yat Lung
Venue : Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab