Early Summer Romance


I guess Hong Kong is a place you could rarely find the feeling of Spring.

However, I love to bring back the romantic feeling of the season by what I wear. Not having to wear too many layers of bulky clothes like in the cold days, and not socked with sweat like in the humid summer, but just put on a knit sweater. A soft, high-quality knit sweater can keep you warm when it is cold while it maintains you cool when it is hot.

Here I styled two early summer looks in BLUE, a colour which I love wearing all year around!



可是,春末夏至的浪漫感,我卻非常響往。不需要再像嚴冬中穿笨重的大衣,也並沒有汗流浹背的煩惱,套著一件薄薄的一個毛衫,冬暖夏涼,也非常舒服。 我會以兩個Head to Bottom的全藍造型,把春末夏至的感覺穿出來!


- LOOK: 1 -

Gradient of Lavender from Top to Down

Outfits: (Knit Sweater)  Vitos  (Vest)  Grana  (Skirt)  mukmuk: wardrobe  (Sneakers)  P  airs in Paris

(Knit Sweater) Vitos
(Vest) Grana
(Skirt) mukmuk: wardrobe
(Sneakers) Pairs in Paris

When wearing top to bottom the same colour, I always try to mix and match items with different texture and volume. The gradient blue of the cashmere sweater is the key item of the look, so as to continue and extend the gradient, I paired with a wrap skirt in deep blue. The hand-spray dye technique on the extra-light cashmere makes the over-sized sweater feeling so airy and beautiful. And it even looks good too when it is on shoulders!


- LOOK: 2 -

Special Texture & Layering

Artboard 2.jpg
Outfits: (Knit Sweater)  Vitos  (Dress)  Z  ara  (Sneakers)  P  airs in Paris

(Knit Sweater) Vitos
(Dress) Zara
(Sneakers) Pairs in Paris

A navy knit sweater is always my one of top items in my wardrobe. Basically, it goes well with everything: jeans, high-waisted pants, A-line skirt or even with a one piece. And for this summer, a camisole dress is my must-have item - if wearing a one piece alone is too sexy for you, try to wear with a tee, a shirt or even a sweater inside would give your look a totally different feeling. 


Vitos 1925 - the most famous French knitwear brand during the post-war boom, is now bringing back its finest quality of clothes with a fresh and creative style. Aiming to make clothes for contemporary women, the new collection is timeless, elegant and truly comfortable. Be a "Parisienne" by dressing in one of the most historical clothing brand in France!


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