Vegan All Day Breakfast.純素全日早餐


Vegan, Plant Base

[ All-day Breakfast - scrambled eggs and burger ]


Serving: 1
Preparation time: 25 minutes

食材 Ingredients

2塊 酸種麵包 / 2 slides of sourdough bread
2湯匙 素雞蛋 / 2 tablespoons of vegan egg (by follow your heart)
1塊 素紅菜頭漢堡扒 / 1 slice of plant-based beet veggie burger (by Maika)
幾塊 蘋果 / few slices of apple
幾塊 蕃茄 / few slices of tomato
少許菜籽油 / some canola oil
少許 黑椒、鹽 / some black pepper & salt
少許 素牛油、素芝士醬 / some vegan sunflower seeds butter & vegan cheese spread (by Tesco & Green vie)

做法 Recipe

第一步 Step One : 素漢堡扒 Veggie Burger

The preparation of the veggie burger is very simple.
Heat the canola oil in a skillet over low-medium heat. Add in the veggie burger, and fry it for 4-5 minutes on each side.

Plant-based beet veggie burger 素紅菜頭漢堡扒

Plant-based beet veggie burger 素紅菜頭漢堡扒


第二步 Step Two : 炒素蛋 Scrambled Vegan Egg


Blend egg powder with ice cold water until smooth. Heat a lightly-oiled skillet with medium high, pour mixture into the hot skillet and scramble immediately. Scramble frequently until eggs are firm (around 7-9 minutes). Add pepper and salt to taste!


第三步 Step Three : 其他食材 Other ingredients

Put sourdough bread and sliced tomato into a 130 degree pre-heated oven, bake for 3-5 minutes. And prepare some of your favourite fruits.

When everything is ready, serve them on a plate and you may use vegan butter or cheese spread for your toast too!


食後感 What do I think…




I really like the taste of the veggie burger, for it’s natural ingredients, no greasy after-tatse and I really love the smell of grill of it. In another side, the vegan egg is more like an experiment. From the paper egg box packaging (look 100% like normal egg paper boxes), to a pack of egg powder. (Yes, it’s gonna disappoint some of you their is not actual egg-shape materials inside the box. The egg mixture looks nearly the same as the real one. (I don’t like the smell tho…) The time of cooking is a little longer than the normal egg, but the texture of it is incredible - JUST LIKE Scrambled Eggs! (By adding black pepper and salt will help the scrambled eggs taste better) I heard that this vegan egg powder can also make french toast! I will definitely try it next time!

(However, as a lazy girl… Using and cleaning a blender is a bit too complicated & time consuming...)
(You can also use a whisk to mix.)

Although it is a bit time-consuming to make it on weekdays, it’s still worth it to prepare it for weekend brunch… And to satisfy my little craving of scrambled egg after not having any eggs for four years!

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