Stay Dry in Rainy Days


Bright sun, blue sky, warm breeze... Who doesn't love them? Living in Hong Kong, is very hot and humid in summertime, with frequent thunderstorms and occasional typhoons. I remember when I was still in primary school, I used to wear my "Yellow Raincoat" a lot (the kind that you can even cover your big backpack) during rainy days because it was so convenient to move around!
And yes, I've found this classic, stylish and practical raincoat from Stutterheim (Stockholm, Sweden) last month! I am sure I can live with it for the coming 10 years... Here I styled this Navy raincoat with a daisy-printed dress from my select shop (mukmuk: wardrobe), and a pair of white sneakers from Reebok  - to balance the "Boyish" raincoat and sneakers with a cute one-piece.

異常的天氣帶來大風和雨水,外出時總覺得很不方便。記得小學時下雨,媽媽總愛讓我穿上雨衣,黃黃的,可以把大書包也蓋起那種。長大後,一直在找要找到一件合心意又合身的雨衣;直到一個月前在Instagram看到 Stutterheim 的雨衣,一眼就愛上了。北歐的設計,實用、又經典,還要是我極喜歡,又百搭的海軍藍色。為了平衡這件Unisex的雨衣和 Reebok 白波鞋的男孩感覺;我就選擇內搭一條我店中的印花圖案的短花連身裙 (mukmuk: wardobe)。看著雨水在雨衣外滑下,很治癒啊~

Photo by Ng Yat Lung