A Day with Her


The morning, with sunshine, flowers, and your best friend. The precious, quality time you spent with someone who is inspiring - talking about what is happening in life, about works, relationships, families... or simply just chit-chat. 

I met Samantha 5 years ago in my dance group. We used to dance together, and after we left the group, as freelancer, we worked on several creative project since last year. Since then we have been really good friends. Here, I want to share a simple conversation about ourselves. (3 important questions!) And yes, we are wearing my shop mukmuk: wardrobe collection! (And Samantha's Pink Shirt is on 30% discount!) Find it here.


充滿陽光的早上、美麗的鮮花、約一個想見的朋友... 談生活上發生的事、談工作,談感情,談家庭...... 簡單地聊天、聽聽對方的想法,也許會為你帶來一些新的看法。

Samantha 是我五年前跳舞認識的朋友。離開舞團以後,因為我們的工作性質,同時地也是自由身工作者的我們經常有機會一起合作。這文章中有三個簡單問題(及我們的答案);除了希望讓你了解我們(SLASH的工作)多一點之外,也希望可以讓你想想屬於你自己的答案。對啊,你們看到我們身上很美的,也是 mukmuk: wardrobe 的衣服,她身上的薄紗恤衫裙更在做30%折扣優惠,在這Link可以找到。


We have been work together for many creative projects, me being photographer and Samantha being the art director.


To Talk About...


#1 - Who are you?



I am a "SLASH" - Florist at Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab; Leather Maker at Make Your Choicesss, also a Founder of Wedfloks - an online wedding resource sharing platform). I also do art direction and styling freelance works. I am passionate about doing any challenging works.

Slash :花藝師@Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab ,皮革匠@Make Your Choicesss,婚禮分享平台創辦人及編輯@wedfolks 。有時會做Art direction / Styling的工作。但其實總括而言,我選擇做我喜歡和具挑戰性的工作。



Well, yes. Similar to you, I am a SLASH, too. I am a freelance Creative Director - I initiate photo shoot, direct videos, design graphics for campaigns. I mostly work with different artists and art organizations. At the same time, I am the founder of an online fashion store mukmuk: wardrobe. I am also a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger.

跟妳一樣,我也是身兼幾個身份。我是自由身創作人 - 主要是擇影、錄像指導、平面設計 ;大多和不多同藝術團體合作。同時,我亦是網上時裝店 “mukmuk: wardrobe” 主理人。我也是時尚博客,在網誌、YOUTUBE頻道分享自己對「美」的一套生活態度。



#2 - What satisfy you?



I love the process of self-discovery - to know what I can do, my ability. I learn my technique from studying it myself (sometimes from books or youtube!). It is true that I could learn faster if there is someone teaching; however, learning from mistakes give me extra satisfaction which pushes me to go further!



Being able to create. Nothing satisfies me more than putting what in my mind into reality.



#3 - Who were you 3 years ago?
And what kind of person you are after 3 years from now?



3 years ago, I was (or have always been?) a determined, strong-willed person, if I decided I have to do something, I will go for it whatever it takes! 3 years from now... It is difficult to say it solidly. People always ask the same question: "Have you achieved your dream?" No. My biggest dream is to be able to make different choices according to different stages of life. So it won't be achieved until I die! (Well... it's true). I wish that I am still a strong-willed person after 3 years, still doing what I want to do - but at the same time, spending some time for myself and the people I love.

三年前,我是一個倔強和向前衝的人,一但想到要做,就不顧一切地嘗試。很難說三年後我希望完成/達到甚麼,因為我了解自己實在太Free Flow, 經常有人問我是否已經完成了夢想,並不。我最大的夢想是在人生不同階段能自由地選擇想做的事,所以我的夢想在人生完結的一刻才真正完成。三年後我希望自己依然倔強,堅持去做想做的事,但偶爾慢下來多一點了解自己,了解身邊人。


I was a learner 3 years ago. Learning how to run an online shop, and how to start directing different creative projects. 3 years later... Be more confident and content in creative works, I guess? Still being passionate about what I am doing, and at the same time, "Stay hungry & Keep Learning".

2014年,我剛開始 mukmuk: wardrobe 和Freelance Creative的工作。開一間網上時裝店不容易,雖然不用付店租、也沒有任何的裝修工作;不過細節上也是讓我學到很多的。例如:入價、Set up網站、怎樣和顧客溝通等等。3年前的我,是起步者。
3年後?30歲的我,我希望是,可以比現在更悠然自得、對工作更得心應手,把自己對工作,創作的熱情延續下去。還有,Stay Hungry & Keep Learning.



My photography work - SixAurasStudies in 2016. Collaborated with Samantha.


How about you? What's your answer? Ask yourself the same questions, and talk to your best friend. Keep inspiring each other, and grow old, and be wiser together.