A Day in Paris and "Food" Guide

This trip is a treasure.

Remember at the beginning of this year, I wrote a status on Facebook:
"Copenhagen, Berlin and Stockholm."

These are the cities I really want to visit someday, because of their cultural background and vibes. Some friends who visited these cities, My boyfriend immediately texted me and say "Let's go in this year, maybe in June or July!" So, this purely "for leisure only" trip is scheduled! So here are some of my favourite photos from the 1st day in this romantic city. Look into the article for my favourite spots!


We do not have a lot of plans, but we walked a lot during the day. 

Eat at...

We started the day with a butter croissant in the corner of the street where our hotel located. That was probably the best croissant I've had(no wonder why people say they do not want to eat any croissant other than in France!); we have it at Le Pétrin Médiéval like 3 times more before we left Paris. Also visited juice bar Otium Paris & coffee shop Caillier Paris to satisfy our cravings. The coffee shop serves super good coffee and I love the quiet morning vibe of the shop.

I haven't eaten Vegetarian Vietnamese Pho since I became a vegetarian. And you know what, my dream came true during the very first day of the trip! Thank you to the mobile APP Happy Cow, they help to find vegan & vegetarian restaurant nearby, wherever you are, there are even ratings and comments by other users. And yes, that meal in La Palanche d'Aulac was awesome and several meals were very nice too! If you're a vegetarian, you shouldn't miss it when you're travelling around! (It is a worldwide APP)


Stay at...

We stayed in the 9th arrondissement, Paris. The district is rich in arts and cultural stuff (like if you like music, there are so many shops selling the bass, guitar or even sound system down the street at where we live!); and little cafès and nice small restaurant in the district too. If you are looking to a quiet yet interesting district to live in, this is a good neighbourhood.


All shoot on Simple Use Film Camera LomoChrome Purple by Lomography Hong Kong & Iphone7 Plus.

If you are going to Paris soon, I think summer is really a good season to visit as there are full of sunlight and weather is super comfortable. I hope you will enjoy eating and walking in this beautiful city (and enjoy reading my article and like the photos too!)