On-going project from June 2014 to present
Digital Photography - Portrait


A studies of the colour – white, which often associated with lightness and purity; and still it causes feelings of isolation and emptiness. White symbolizes a cycle of life, meanwhile it is totally reflective, awakening openness, you can't hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its way.

whitephotographyproject” is a portrait series, I aim at exploring the relationship of the colour itself and model, to create a simple yet different meaning of white” to the viewer through the images.


Role - Photographer

"The Darkest White"

White - related to pureness, bareness, nudity. The colour itself is a state of mind, uncovering all the emotion - facing yourself. I was having depression, and every time when I looked into the mirror I see my imperfections and frailty. White often relate to most complete and pure, the colour of perfection - but as it cover nothing it reveals the darkest side of mine. The big contrast between two inspire me to create this portrait. 




"Pristine, immaculate
making you feel as though you can't make a move for fear of upsetting it or creating a mess"


"Lightness, Transparency"