{ Styling for Starstreet Precinct on 16th Dec, 2015 }


【個性聖誕party look!】(Link)

各位Starians!準備好你嘅Christmas party look未呢?星街小區就搵嚟Fashion Blogger Charlotte charlotte in white 去到 45R HK 及 Kapok 兩間充滿個性嘅服裝店,親身示範點樣mix & match著出簡約型格,等你今個聖誕成為party焦點!


Christmas is the time to showcase your style! Fashion Blogger & Starian Charlotte charlotte in white shows us how to style the perfect Christmas looks with her favorite picks from fashion boutiques 45R and kapok at Starstreet Precinct. Check out the classy looks and it’s time to get yours ready!

今個冬季 45R HK 貫徹簡約smart causal風格,一件大衣,一頂帽子,經典單色設計,拼湊充滿氣質嘅聖誕派對造型!

Both Charlotte and 45R choose to keep it neat, smart and casual for this Christmas. One long coat, one felt hat, classical designs and monotones are all you need for a stylish party look.

45R HK 
羊毛大衣Boiled-wool coat

聖誕不妨著一件紅色嘅Statement piece,立即成為派對焦點!Charlotte就揀咗呢件壓縮羊毛大衣,款式classic,配襯米白色樽領衫,暖苙苙之餘亦盡顯簡約美。

A red statement piece will definitely makes you stand out in a party! Charlotte picks this boiled-wool coat and matches it with a beige turtle-neck, staying warm while displaying quiet sophistication. 

45R HK
帽子Felt hat


Want to add more character to your look? This felt hat made with 100% rabbit wool surely delivers a hint of fine craftsmanship and luxury. 

Kapok 一向愛引入各國潮牌,Charlotte就mix & match分別嚟自匈牙利同英國嘅品牌,比起千篇一律嘅派對造型更具特色!

kapok boasts an eclectic mix of brands from around the world. Matching brands from Hungary, England and France, Charlotte pulls off this party look with her very own interpretation. 

YMC x Solovair Kapok

一對又靚又舒服嘅鞋絕對係聖誕必備!英國製造嘅YMC x Solovair chunky loafers,設計classy又舒服,等你盡情enjoy每個party!

A pair of comfy and stylish shoes is a must-have for Christmas parties! Proudly designed and made in England, these chunky loafers allow you to enjoy every occasions with family and friends!

Nanushka kapok
羊毛外套Wool jacket

聖誕party look唔一定要好girly嘅!走摩登經典路線嘅匈牙利品牌Nanushka,今季主推呢件羊毛jacket,輕便型格,為整個造型添點剛強!

Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, Nanushka is a modern and contemporary brand that you cannot overlook. Try add some boyish chicness with this wool jacket to your Christmas look!