Photography . Art Direction . Food Styling

Project Description /

It was my honour to collaborate with one of my favourite tablewares brand - "Nom Living" from London, UK.  I tried to illustrate a "everyday-life" mood with a story-telling method to style these shots. The audiences would see a girl using these unique products in her life instead of just product shots. I combined my favourite vegetarian food in the shooting and had a lot of fun.

早在2015年暑假時得到Nom Living的總監Timothy的邀請,為其Blue & White Collection系列的一整套系列拍攝styling shots。遠在英國寄來的二十多款Products,每一款我也想為它拍攝獨一無二的照片。Tim尤其喜歡比較Lifestyle和重生活感的照片,所以大多的照片我也把自己的想法、喜歡的食物與物品放進去了。希望別人看的時候能看出「我」在照片裡。

Products :                                                       Nom Living (
Art Direction & Food Styling :                       
Charlotte in White
Photography :                                                Charlotte in White