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{ Online collaboration with Moleskine on 05th September, 2017 }



Charlotte Lam x Moleskine


Charlotte Lam is a creative Director, photographer and founder of fashion selected shop. She likes to write down her busy schedule and inspiration from daily life in her beloved pocket-sized notebook. Other than notebook, she also puts her laptop computer, camera and girl essentials in her bag. The large, lightweight and simple Moleskine Classic Bag Collection is her recent favourite!

品牌創意顧問、攝影師及時裝店主理人 Charlotte in White 身兼多職,她每天都會用口袋型筆記簿記錄繁忙的工作日程和生活細節上給她的靈感。她的手提包裡除了有隨身筆記簿外,還有手提電腦、相機和女生外出的瑣碎必需品,Moleskine 經典包袋系列容量大,輕便又方便配襯,成為了她近期的最愛!




    Do you have a habit of using notebook to jot down your anecdotes? 
    "Notebook is my essential item for every day travel. My to-do-list, ideas on fashion design and creative art are all written down in my personal notebook." 
    "I like to hold a notebook on hand. It makes me feel good and I can also read what I have marked anytime."



    As a fashion lover, what kind of bags do you prefer? 
    "Simple design and mono colour. Also large in volume and lightweight. "
    "As I need to carry many things along with me every day, I prefer handbags or backpacks in large volume and lightweight. I also like mono colour clothing, so I like simple bags to mix-and-match."



    What's your fashion style?
    "Casual wear, boyish style or romantic and elegance style such like ladies in Paris!"

    妳有偏好的fashion style嗎?


    How do you describe yourself? 
    "I am just Charlotte Lam!"
    "I think everyone is unique and have their own styles. Like me, I am living in Charlotte's style now!"

    「我想每個人都是獨特的,有著個人的風格。就如我一樣,我只是生活在Charlotte Lam自己的生活態度下!」




    What makes you start sharing your daily look by creating #whatcharlottewears ? 
    "I treat fashion as one of my favourite hobbies. I love to know anything about fashion and mix-and-match my clothing every day. I even start to design my own collection."
    "Besides, I am a photographer. I like to take pictures of my #ootd and share with other fashion lovers. "

    為甚麼妳會產生開始 #whatcharlottewears 的想法呢?
    「既然我每天花那麼多時間穿搭,自己又喜歡拍攝,為何不把自己的 #ootd 記錄下來並與人分享呢?」



    You can continue sharing your daily look online, but why you would also like to publish a fashion book? 
    "Things online are easy to be deleted. A book which you can hold on your hand and read anytime makes me feel good. More, I like reading since I was young. That makes me want to publish a fashion book to let others know my fashion ideas."




    What outlook means to you? 
    "Fashion is the language." 
    "I think what you decided to wear every day represents your feeling. It also affect how others think about you."



    Why you emphasis the smart shopping idea? 
    "If you can find your own fashion style, and also knowing your advantages and disadvantages on body shape, it doesn't take too long for you to decide your daily look."
    "You don't have to buy lots of clothes, but only those suitable for you. You can also be fashionable by mix-and-matching!"

    為甚麼妳會提倡Smart Shopping環保主意呢?