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mindfulness meditation & yoga class

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To live with mindfulness…

Everyone wishes to live a healthy life filled with love & happiness.

Living in a busy & fast-paced city, we may sometimes find it difficult to achieve peacefulness, and a balance between mind and body.

Practise how to sit, how to breathe, how to be aware in every breath. Practise gentle body asana movements* together with Charlotte, and take an hour to slow down with mindfulness… Self-care should always be the first priority in our lives.

Small, intimate class in a quiet & beautiful studio near delicious vegan cafes!

*This is a gentle, mindful grounding flow with poses holding for longer breaths, aiming to create a space for peacefulness, meditative and reflective moment during the practice. Suitable for beginners, and those who looking to look into other aspects of yoga practice.

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Class schedule & details:

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look forward to see you on the mat…