Be Creative in Styling - Ways to Wear a Dress

【創意穿搭法 - 一條裙子兩種風格配搭】


If there is only one colour I could choose to wear forever, it would be Pure White.

If there are only two colours I could wear forever, then I will also pick the colour of sea & sky - Peaceful Blue.





To wear something comfortable…

Wrap Dress by  Everlane  Square Toe Slingback Shoe by  Everlane

Wrap Dress by Everlane
Square Toe Slingback Shoe by Everlane


About the DRESS…


單穿連身裙,一點也不會單調。它本身的V領設計,腰部的幼帶子、輕輕遮著膝蓋長度,這些小細節都使這件簡單的連衣裙穿上身剛剛好。配上一雙平底鞋/ 高跟鞋來工作或會議也可以,可說是非常容易配搭。


I love clothes that could wear in several different ways, not only it saves so much money buying different clothes, it is also fun to play with layering. Plus, it saves so much space in the closet!

To wear this wrap dress as a dress, either with a pants underneath or not, with its flattering V-neck, waist knot and under knee length, all these details made the dress with a perfect cutting. Extremely easy to wear with a pair of flats/ heels to work or meeting.

Another way to style the same dress, is to simple tie a knot over the belt and wear it as an open sleeveless cardigan. It adds a perfect layer to any summer outfit.


About the pair of Shoes…


它的方形鞋面不但看上去經典 ,而它的一個不太高也不太矮的鞋踭(還要是可愛的圓柱形鞋跟),也為它加分不少。配搭裙子還是褲子也超搭!如果您正在尋找一雙比白波鞋正式一點但又不失易搭度的替代品,這雙是不錯的選擇呢!

The square toe shape flat has a classic look - not only it has the perfect little height to add-on (for a longer looking legs), it also goes well with everything, skirts, dress, pants… The circle-shape heel is also a cute details! If you’re looking for a slightly more formal alternative of white sneakers, this is the perfect option for you! (And I have an addiction with “granny-looking” shoe… and this one just stole my heart!


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Hope you enjoy reading the post and hope it also bring you some summer wardrobe inspirations!





This post is collaborating with Everlane